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Timely and save data retrieval from moored instrumentation is important for scientific investigation and for monitoring the marine environment. In cases where moorings do not reach to the surface or the installation of surface telemetry is not possible – subsurface telemetry systems are required. EU project THOR was testing two systems to retrieve data from the surface.

Our solution

develogic delivered acoustic telemetry for the THOR lander, that was part of the “Bergen System”. The THOR lander acquired ocean current, CTD and oxygen content data for climate research purposes. It utilized develogic HAM.Node modems for data logging and transmission. The lander was deployed in the Faroe Bank Channel by Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and Geophysical Institute (Bergen-Norway). The maximum deployment duration was 5 years. The data were downloaded several times a year. The rirst data were successfully downloaded to a surface vessel in June 2010.

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Telemetry systems to access climate sensitive data from moodes instrumentation