Our Areas of application

Our innovative and customised solutions are the result of a modular system that makes it possible to cost-effectively collect data from the depths of the ocean and bring it to your desk in no time.

Our technologies are used in a wide range of applications, from marine life monitoring to enviromental monitoring projects to various obeservatories for infrastructure protection and to underwater communication systems.


Sea life

Want to monitor sea life in deep waters? Develogic offers you a range of solutions that allow you to record and transmit data at lightning speed.
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Environmental Monitoring

We offer innovative solutions that enable precise monitoring of environmental conditions, from air to water quality, including temperature, salinity and flow velocity.

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Maritime Big Data Management

We offer your participation in the leading marine data platfrom for convienient and sovereign data management, smart and automated analsyis and scalable processing.
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underwater communciation 

We provide highperformance sensor solutions , turnkey customized data-acquisition and telemetry solutions for marine  and naval applications from seafloor to desktop.
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Infrastructure Protection

Our mission is to ensure the safety and stability of our vital systems. We provide solutions to monitor critical infrastructures, from power grids to water supply systems.

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We offer an Acoustic Positioning that enables precise object and location tracking through sound waves, revolutionizing navigation and localization.
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Discover our Projects

Understanding the habits of krill

Australian scientists are closer to discovering more about the winter movements of Antarctic krill thanks to a not-so-subtle device. Sitting on the seafloor near Mawson research station were two KOMBIs or Krill Observational Mooring for Benthic Investigation. Resembling a big, bright yellow box, they had been quietly collecting data since they were deployed by teams on board the RV Investigator in January 2021.
Now the two KOMBIs are off the sea floor and back in the hands of scientists ready to trawl through mountains of information.

Lander Astoria Canyon

LoVe Ocean Observatory

The Lofoten-Vesterålen Ocean Observatory (LoVe Ocean) is a cabled ocean observatory with additional autonomous nodes. LoVe Ocean is located in a highly productive costal shelf-slope area, and in an environment sensitive to external stressors. LoVe Ocean is a multi-purpose observatory network with scientific nodes forming a westward transect. develogic is part of this largest European oceanographic Real-Time observatory.
Some Facts :

- 6 seafloor landers installed between 200m and 2500m depth
- 2 landers with 1300m and 2300m moorings connected
- Power supply and Fibre data transmission by a 55km cable following the gorge down to 1500m


The GITEWS project, initiated by the German Government after the 2006 Indian Ocean tsunami, aimed to establish an early warning system for the affected countries. Develogic's HAM.NODE Hydro Acoustic Modem was chosen as the exclusive subsea communication system, transmitting sensor data from ocean bottom to surface buoys. The system, powered by rechargeable batteries, facilitated bidirectional data transmission and tsunami detection, ensuring crucial information could be relayed across deep ocean channels effectively.


Develogic played a crucial role in the environmental monitoring of the U-864 submarine wreck off the coast of Norway. Working alongside partners like Van Oord and the Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Develogic developed advanced underwater measuring platforms and a sophisticated communication system. This setup allowed real-time monitoring of safety parameters, such as turbidity and current, to prevent mercury contamination. The data was accessible to the public through a geoview webpage, showcasing Develogic's innovative approach in large-scale underwater communication systems.
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Develogic implemented their HAM.NODE Hydro Acoustic Modems in the DAMOCLES project, deploying up to three units across the Fram Strait between Svalbard and Greenland. These modems facilitated the transmission of sensor data between moorings spaced up to 30,000m apart, utilizing advanced modulation schemes and custom pressure housings with integrated batteries. This initiative, focused on Arctic climate change observation, highlighted Develogic's contribution to understanding climate impacts on the Arctic environment and human activities.


Develogic provided acoustic telemetry solutions for the THOR lander, a part of the EU project testing data retrieval systems in marine environments where surface telemetry was not possible. Equipped with develogic HAM.Node modems, the THOR lander, deployed in the Faroe Bank Channel for up to 5 years, collected ocean current, CTD, and oxygen content data for climate research. The data, crucial for scientific investigation, were successfully transmitted and retrieved multiple times a year, showcasing Develogic's contribution to reliable and long-term marine data monitoring.


The DOLAN mooring assembly, located 60 nm north of the Canary Islands, was part of the terminated project "Data transmission in the ocean and lateral acoustic network in the deep sea." In November 2007, a PACT ocean bottom unit with advanced communication technology successfully transmitted sensor data from a depth of 3,300m near the DOLAN mooring to AWI in Bremerhaven, Germany, demonstrating exceptional reliability even under adverse weather conditions.