underwater Housings

The develogic underwater pressure housings are field-proven solution for deep-water applications with standard operating depth rating of 3000m and 6000m (but not limited to these values). Flexible cap design allows to integrate a large variety of electrical and optical connectors as well as sensors and other instruments. Due to two types of cap mounting the pressure housings are convenient and easy to handle in multiple application scenarios.

Manufactured from Titanium Grade 5 develogic underwater pressure housings perfectly fit for oceanography, aquaculture and oil&gas applications due to lightweight, robust and corrosion-free design. Structural integrity under external pressure (for both compression and buckling criteria) is confirmed by simulations based on AD2000 methodology. Each device passes in-house quality gates: dimensional control and pressure test according to API 17F or API 16D.


  • Superior long-term corrosion resistance due to Titanium Grade 5 material
  • Locking sleeve or bolted mounting, single or dual seal cap design
  • Standard inner diameters of 111mm and 182mm
  • Standard operating depth ratings of 6000m and 3000m (depending on dimensions)
  • Design according to AD2000 methodology
  • Pressure testing according to API 17F or API 16D
  • Any connector or sensor integration as per Customer needs
  • Optical flat or dome windows available off-the-shelf
  • Mooring frames and clamps available off-the-shelf
  • Custom dimensions and operating depth rating possible based on Customer requirements
  • A basement for various equipment: Battery Containers, Acoustic Recorders, Datalogging Systems, Subsea Cameras and many others

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