The develogic Sono.Vault Acoustic Recorder is designed for long- term recording and monitoring of marine acoustic noises. Through continuous improvement and research, develogic continues to develop more efficient, low power consumption and highly accurate recorders.

The system is able to record acoustic signals continuously with sampling rates up to 96kHz @24bit sample resolution and 180kHz@16bit. The system can also record according to programmable schedule. The total recording capacity is customisable, with storages up to 35TB possible.

Depending on the sampling rates, the Sono.Vault system is able to record acoustic data continuously for several years and depending on the required deployment period, various battery and memory configurations are available.


  • Sampling rates up to 96kHz @24 bit and up to 180kHz @16bit
  • Up to 35TB recording capacity
  • Several hydrophone options with and without preamplifier
  • Versions with 1 / 2 / 4 channels available (allow the direction of signal to be determined)
  • Hydrophone amplifier 6dB-48dB, programmable in 6dB steps
  • Various triggering and sampling schemes
  • Power capacity extendable for up to 2 years deployment duration
  • Integrated battery container for Lithium or Alkaline cells

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