Modular Seafloor Lander

The develogic Modular Seafloor Lander (MSL) is a flexible and compact platform for collecting underwater data for multiple applications: oceanography, aquaculture and oil&gas. A standardized solution with three form-factors (small, medium and large) and two depth ratings (3000m and 6000m) covers all possible demands – from single sensor metering system to complex subsea observatory with 30+ integrated instruments and correlated measurements.

A standard POM frame design includes a predefined sensor package (ADCP, Acoustic Recorder, CTD, pressure, oxygen, CO2, turbidity, salinity sensors and others) and can be easily upgraded with integrating of Customer specific sensors. Connecting a floating mooring with clamped sensors could significantly enhance the functionality of subsea observatory. Syntactic foam flotations define the positive buoyancy of the Lander, disconnected from Ballast Plate, which simplifies its retrieval.

Remote access to deployed Lander (for data check or release for retrieval) is provided via develogic acoustic communication technology. An integrated develogic Iridium Beacon will simplify and shorten a surfaced Lander search period. For the hard-to-reach locations in order to periodically retrieve collected data without expensive cruise the expendable communication buoys (ECBs) can be integrated. They will float up on schedule and transmit data through satellite network.

The Lander uses corrosion resistant materials only – syntactic foam, POM, titanium (for both structural elements and pressure housings). Modular design is supported by field-proven underwater electrical connectors. Thorough following international codes and standards (e.g. AD2000, API 17 series, ISO 13628 series, etc) together with large variety of tests on each production stage (incl. FAT in water tank in-house and SAT offshore) define high quality, mechanical robustness and reliability of equipment.


  • Both options possible – fully autonomous sampling or cabled connection to shore / sea platform
  • Autonomous deployment for up to 2 years – depends on the size of Battery Housings and sampling cycles
  • Suitable for both free-fall deployment and wired installation, easy retrieval
  • A large variety of sensors already included – ADCP, Acoustic Recorder, CTD, pressure, oxygen, CO2, turbidity, salinity sensors and others
  • Additional instruments can be easily integrated based on Customer request
  • develogic acoustic communication technology integrated
  • develogic Release integrated, dual-Release redundant solution possible
  • develogic Iridium Beacon integrated
  • Can be equipment by subsea mooring with additional sensors (cabled or inductive communication)
  • Can be equipped by several expendable communication buoys (ECB) – for receiving a portion of data via satellite communication without any interaction or a cruise to autonomous MSL
  • Suitable for multiple deployments (including possible upgrade)
  • Pressure testing according to API 17F or API 16D

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