UAP.COM, the develogic hydroacoustic modem, is a powerful and reliable underwater communication system. It is designed to meet the requirements of research and exploration, established in various subsea communication projects.

The system is a scalable acoustic platform, with capabilities ranging from single channel receive only to quad channel long range MIMO communication. UAP.COM provides a communication layer highly adaptive to the present acoustic channel. Besides multiple high performance modulation and coding schemes developed by develogic, the system also supports naval communication standards (for selected customers).


  • low power acoustic standby
  • multiple transducers' options possible (LF, MF, HF)
  • customizable acoustic platform - up to 4 Transmit/Receive channels
  • serial or ethernet interface avaliable
  • possible connection of external sensors for aditional data logging
  • integrated battery container and OEM version available

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