The Develogic Sonartransponder System is a secondary underwater collision warning system that provides underwater vehicles with additional navigation information about stationary subsea infrastructure such as offshore wind farms and fixed offshore oil and gas platforms.

The system responds to predefined acoustic signals from approaching underwater vehicles with standardized warning signals, allowing obstacles to be localized and collision risks minimized. It is designed and tested to meet the requirements of BSH and the German Navy, applicable to all new offshore wind farms in German territorial waters.

With low power consumption, the system can be powered by an autonomous battery. Its default mode is passive monitoring of the acoustic environment, switching to active communication only when a predefined acoustic signal is received.

Various data transfer methods (cabled connection, electromagnetic communication to the topside structure, acoustic communication through a gateway buoy) enable control and telemetry reception from the system. All acoustic interrogations are logged and can be transferred to an onshore facility. The system includes self-monitoring functionality with battery voltage and system integrity control.

The Develogic Sonartransponder System is available in two designs: a Seafloor Lander and a frame that can be magnetically mounted on vertical surfaces, such as wind turbine monopiles. Both solutions can be installed in existing ("brownfield") and new ("greenfield") installations


  • Omnidirectional Transducers: 360° beam pattern in the horizontal plane.
  • High Performance: Effective in active communication mode.
  • Low Power Consumption: Efficient in acoustic standby mode.
  • Multiple Communication Options:
    o Electromagnetic to topside structure (full duplex)
    o Acoustic through gateway buoy (full duplex)
    o Expendable communication buoys (simplex)
  • Long Autonomous Operation: Up to 2 years on one battery set.
  • Integrated Compact Design:
    o Electronics in Titanium/POM housings
    o Syntactic foam flotation for optimal submerged weight
    o Modular design for easy service and maintenance
    o Magnetic power switch for easy operation
  • Remote Activation: Activate/deactivate acoustic transmission remotely.
  • Continuous Self-Monitoring: Monitors battery voltage, system integrity, software stability, with status messages stored and transmittable in real-time.
  • Low Maintenance:
    o Proven mechanical and electrical solutions
    o Low marine growth risks due to material and coating selection
    o Suitable for ROV high-pressure cleaning
  • Optional Features:
    o Gimbal mounting for better vertical alignment
    o Redundant 2-channel autonomous power supply
    o Cabled power and communication from stationary structure

  • Installation Parameters for Two Design Types:
1. Seafloor Lander:
o Easy seabed installation (free-fall or ROV supported)
o Ballast plate ensures vertical orientation
o Easy retrieval using acoustic release and positive buoyancy
o Adjustable transducer depth with winch and additional flotation

2. Frame Magnetically Mounted on Vertical Surface:
o No drilling or welding required, avoiding potential damage
o Deployed and installed by work-class ROV
o Two-stage installation/retrieval with positioning and activation magnets
o Magnets suitable for permanent installation, accounting for environmental impacts (sea current, corrosion, marine growth).

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